Older Adult Isolation Action Table Halton

Older Adult Isolation Action Table Halton

Mission Statement/Mandate

Key Objectives:

1. Reduce isolation among older adults (adults aged 55 and older) including those who experience negative health or social outcomes due to a lack of connectedness.

2. Support older adults at-risk of isolation through proactive approaches that mitigate the likelihood of becoming isolated in the first place.

3. Identify and understand the local root social causes and system issues that contribute to isolation among older adults in the community.

4. Enhance the community’s understanding of the scope and nature of older adult isolation in Halton (i.e., begin to build a localized knowledge base) and build the community’s capacity to identify, reach and connect older adults who are isolated or at-risk of isolation.

Further develop partnerships among all Action Table organizations or service providers.

Communities Served
Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, Mississauga, Oakville, and South Etobicoke

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