Wawa and Area Seniors at Risk Committee

Wawa and Area Seniors at Risk Committee

Mission Statement/Mandate

Networking to effectively communicate and respond to senior’s issues/needs within Wawa and area.

Provide easy access to information on available programs and/or services to service providers and to seniors at risk.

1. Work towards improving and maintaining communication and working relations among seniors’ service providers.
2. Effectively collaborate on ongoing issues affecting seniors and work on finding solutions that are realistic and achievable.
3. Develop/deliver educational forums in the community, which focus on issues related to seniors.

Communities Served
Wawa and surrounding area, including Dubreuilville, White River, the Mission and Hawk Junction.

Chairperson: Jolene Binda

Telephone: 705-856-1313

Co-Chairperson: Beverly Boyd

Telephone: (705) 856-7852

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