Intersection Between Elder Abuse and Substance Use Disorders

Intersection Between Elder Abuse and Substance Use Disorders

Oct 5, 2021
Intersection Between Elder Abuse and Substance Use Disorder poster showing a the back of a woman sitting on a bench.

By understanding the relationship between substance use disorders and elder abuse, we can better address the issue and mitigate risk of harm to older adults. This webinar will highlight how ageism plays a role in how we respond and intervene in these situations. The need for increased education and raising awareness among professionals, families, and caregivers, about addictions in later life is the first step.

1. To understand addiction as a disease and the late life difference it has on older adults.
2. To discuss strategies by families and caregivers when there is a problem of substance abuse in older adults.
3. To explore the connections between substance misuse and elder abuse.

Webinar provided with an ASL Interpreter


Marilyn White-Campbell

Clinical Geriatric Addictions Specialist, Baycrest Long Term Care Behavioural Support Outreach Team

Marilyn is a Clinical  Geriatric Addictions  Specialist with Baycrest Long Term Care Behavioural Support  Outreach teams.  She is the provincial Lead  for  BSO BrainXchange Older Adult  Substance Use Collaborative and has recently launched “Cannabis and Older Adults, Know the Facts”.  Marilyn is a co-investigator with Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health, which established 4 national clinical best practice guidelines for SUD’s in older adults including; Alcohol, Benzodiazepines, Cannabis and Opiates and is co-chair for the  Alcohol Working Group.  She is the recipient of the Ontario Psychogeriatric Award of Excellence, and recipient of the inaugural 2018 “Seniors’ Mental Health Outstanding Care & Integrative Practice Award” from the Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry/ CCSMH.   With over 35 years clinical experience working with older adults with SUD’s she is recognized as a pioneer in the field of Geriatric Addictions.

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