Local Elder Abuse Networks

Elder Abuse Networks (EANs) are located throughout the province, empowering communities on issues related to the prevention of elder abuse. The Networks are comprised of a diverse group of dedicated local stakeholders, who volunteer in their communities to deliver education and awareness programs and events, engage in advocacy initiatives to enhance supports and services for vulnerable older adults, and facilitate coordination between agencies for a strong community response to assist older adults who may be experiencing or impacted by abuse and neglect.

EANs develop local approaches to elder abuse prevention and resolve any significant issues arising in their own areas and bring these to the attention of EAPO or other appropriate agencies. EAN are making a difference in their communities to help older adults and their families, who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing abuse and neglect. EAPO values its unique partnerships with EANs and their invaluable contributions in supporting older adults and preventing elder abuse throughout Ontario.

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