Training & Education Request

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) provides education to older adults, training for service provider agencies and speaking engagements at conferences and workshops, on a variety of topics and issues related to elder abuse.

Our experienced staff delivers customized training and education to all sectors and communities to meet the learning goals of agencies, organizations, and senior/community groups to increase awareness and knowledge on how to recognize, respond, prevent, report and build skills to support older adults at-risk or experiencing abuse and where to access services.

Sessions are designed for groups of 10 or more people. If the registration attendance is not satisfactory, we may choose to cancel the session.  Please note that requests will be fulfilled based on availability of staff and sessions are provided virtually. Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the training/education date.

After submitting your request, a staff member will follow-up by phone and/or email to finalize details. For more information on booking a presentation, please contact EAPO: Tel: 416-916-9678 or Email: [email protected]



EAPO offers both Education and Training sessions. Please view the descriptions below to determine which best fits the needs of your organization and/or participants. A complete list of topics/issues delivered for training and education are listed separately in the request form.

(Primarily for Individuals Who Work with Older Adults)

EAPO’s training is focused on providing those across all sectors, to develop their skills and knowledge base, to effectively recognize and respond to elder abuse situations. The training covers Guiding Principles for response interventions, using a trauma and violence informed lens. Trainees learn how to conduct supportive conversations and practical interventions when working with older adults who are experiencing abuse. Other topics include obtaining consent for disclosure and mandatory reporting requirements related to response.

(Primarily for seniors/community organizations)

EAPO’s educational sessions focus on raising general awareness of elder abuse by providing essential foundational knowledge. Sessions include basic overviews of the intersectionality of ageism and the violation of older adults’ rights, how to recognize the warning signs, knowing protective and risk factors, reporting, legislation pertaining to reporting, approaches to starting a conversation with an older adult at-risk or experiencing abuse of elder abuse, and available provincial/regional support services.

EAPO offers unique educational programs, including the ‘Tea & Talk’ series that engages older adults in starting conversations about healthy relationships. Each topic in the series provides information, tools, and resources to prevent elder abuse. The ‘It’s Not Right Neighbour, Friends and Families for Older Adults’ educates and engages neighbours, friends and family members of seniors experiencing abuse to recognize the warning signs and how to take small practical steps to help that are safe and respectful.

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