Elder Abuse Prevention Council Waterloo

Elder Abuse Prevention Council Waterloo

Mission Statement/Mandate

Our community becomes a place where older adults age with dignity, honour and respect.

To enhance the safety and well-being of older adults through the prevention of elder abuse.

We believe in a community where older adults are:

Empowered – As citizens, older adults know they have a voice and the power to influence change for the better.
Valued – Community members appreciate the wisdom and experience of older adults and their important roles in family, community and work life.
Engaged – Older adults have many opportunities and invitations to be involved in a range of activities including volunteering, civic and/or political activities, accessible leisure activities, and meaningful employment options.
Respected – Older adults are regarded as positive, contributing members of our community.

EAPC is a diverse Council of volunteers. Members include older adults and representation from Waterloo Regional Police, the Local Health Integration Network, retirement homes, long term care homes, homecare agencies, community services and hospitals.

Communities Served
Waterloo Region

Chairperson: Mike Payne

Telephone: 519-570-9777 (WRPS) ext. 8351



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