Margaret Gillis

Margaret Gillis


Margaret Gillis is Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario's first Community Ambassador. She is the founding President of the International Longevity Centre (ILC) Canada, a human rights based organization, and Co-President of the ILC Global Alliance, an alliance of 16 international Centres dedicated to the needs of older people.

An award winning executive and innovative leader, Margaret played a key role in establishing the Age-friendly Community Program in Canada and internationally, as well as establishing the “Canadian Coalition Against Ageism” a nation-wide social change movement to combat ageism.

Margaret has strong credentials in regard to human rights, working with and speaking at the UN General Assembly on behalf of older people. She has been actively working for the United Nations' declaration of a convention on the Rights of Older Persons. With a background in health promotion, protection and programming, Margaret is committed to improving the rights of older people.

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