2 Sided Mirror – Mixed Theatre Company

October 30, 2023
1:00 – 2:30 PM

Join EAPO and Mixed Company Theatre for an interactive, role-playing based event about navigating a loved one’s life-threatening illness, and supporting older adults through depression and suicidal ideation.

Reality based scenarios will focus on how to support loved ones through major health related choices and the mental health impact of illnesses on everyone involved. After viewing scenarios, the participants will be invited by a facilitator to comment on the scenes, suggest changes, and replace characters to try out their own ideas to improve the situation for the characters.

Through these dialogues, participants will also learn how to recognize the signs of older adults who are experiencing depression and suicidal ideation and explore new ways to support one another if and when these circumstances arise.

For full details about the program, see: https://mixedcompanytheatre.com/two-sided-mirror/



Content Note

MCT recognizes that the content of “Two-Sided Mirror,” and the issues of Medically Assisted Death (MAiD), Suicide, and Depression in aging communities are complex and nuanced. And that audience members who may be personally impacted by these issues may have feelings, thoughts, and experiences they would like to discuss during or after watching this show.

An emotional support professional will be present at the workshops that audience members can speak to during the program and resources will be shared in the chat for support after the session.

Furthermore, MCT would like to clarify that their role is to facilitate a community-led conversation to find ways to respond to these situations. MCT facilitators are not healthcare professionals or practitioners and cannot fill this role for attendees in any way, including by giving medical advice or information.

Register Early: https://eapon.ca/2SidedMirrorWebinar

Registration is limited to 150 attendees so sign-up now!

Webinar provided with an ASL Interpreter


mixed theatre
Mixed Company Theatre

Mixed Company Theatre (MCT) uses Forum Theatre to promote learning around social justice, equity, and mental health issues. MCT has been creating innovative theatre as a tool for social change since 1983. Since becoming a globally recognized Centre of Forum Theatre in 1992, MCT has worked with many communities including youth, newcomers, seniors, homeless youth and adults, employees, and many more.

Artist Facilitators :

Simon Malbogat, Heather Cherron von Atzigen, Luciano Iogna, Alexis Wilson, Jane Smythe

Scenarios written by: Catherine Frid

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