Financial Abuse

The most common form of elder abuse, financial abuse, is defined as any improper conduct, done with or without the informed consent of the senior that results in a monetary or personal gain to the abuser and/or monetary or personal loss for the older adult.

In the experience of Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario, most financial abuse is perpetrated by family members.

Elder Abuse – Financial Abuse of Seniors

How Do I Recognize Financial abuse?

  • Misusing a senior’s property and/or funds, Power of Attorney
  • Theft, forgery
  • Sharing the senior’s home without paying a fair share of the expenses.
  • Unexplained disappearance of personal belongings, such as clothes or jewellery
  • Unduly pressuring a senior to:
    • Move from, sell, or relinquish his or her home or other personal property
    • Sign legal documents that they do not fully understand
    • Give money to relatives or caregivers


  • Unexplained or sudden withdrawal of money from accounts or ATM withdrawals
  • Suspicious or forged signatures on cheques or other documents
  • The senior is not receiving bank statements
  • Transfer or withdrawal of funds without prior permission
  • Denial to access or control finances such as credit cards, cheques

Living Status

  • Notice of eviction or discontinuation of utilities
  • Older adult is unable to pay bills, buy food or pay rent
  • Standard of living not in keeping with the senior’s income or assets
  • The older person’s home is unexpectedly sold
  • Power of Attorney refuses to consider moving an older adult to Long-Term Care or Retirement Home in order to gain or retain access to their finances

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