Elder Neglect

Neglect is not meeting the basic needs of the older person;

  1. Active (intentional) neglect: the deliberate withholding of care or the basic necessities of life to an older adult for whom they are caring.
  2.  Passive (unintentional) neglect: the failure to provide proper care to an older adult due to lack of knowledge, experience /ability or unaware of how to access local

Neglect can be:

  • Withholding care or denying access to necessary services (home care, nursing) or medical attention
  • Leaving a person in an unsafe place
  • Improper use of medication – over/under medicating
  • Not providing food or liquids, proper clothing or hygiene
  • Failure to assist with activities of daily living
  • Abandonment
  • Denial of a senior’s basic rights

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