Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) is pleased to reveal our brand new look!

We have refreshed the EAPO look from the ground up to better reflect our organizational values and goals. Our complete branding change includes a new logo and website that will render our services more accessible to those in need. Furthermore, we invite everyone to visit the website and access new informational resources and online services.

Say Hello to the New EAPO

The new EAPO brand incorporates shades of purple, commonly associated with World Elder Abuse Awareness Days (WEAAD) and Elder Abuse Prevention. Similarly, the purple ribbons on our new logo have significance as well. First, the purple ribbons are the standard international symbol for elder abuse prevention. Secondly, the logo conveys a sense of collaboration and unity as together we work to keep seniors safe from harm. Lastly, the interconnectedness and weaving of the ribbons demonstrate how we leverage our individual strengths and resources, to improve the quality of life of vulnerable older adults.

“Our new website will help empower seniors to feel safe and respected by providing them with the kinds of resources that can help prevent abuse and harm.”

Marta Hajek, EAPO Executive Director

Access to Online Resources

The new website will help continue our mission, to create a safer Ontario for older adults. Moreover, the website will better serve Ontarians by providing resources and information about the complexity of issues around elder abuse.

Besides a fresher look that modernizes EAPO, the redesigned website includes several new features. For example, the new website will offer:

“A variety of tools and resources will help seniors stay informed and be better able to safeguard their wellbeing and achieve the quality of life they deserve.”

Marta Hajek, EAPO Executive Director

Together, We Can Make a Difference

Elder abuse is a severe and growing injustice. In fact, studies indicate that between 8% to 10% of adults experience some form of abuse in their senior years. Therefore, the goal of the new EAPO website is to provide tools to assist persons in abusive situations and help make issues surrounding elder abuse more visible to the general public.

Above all, we encourage everyone to visit the new website to learn more about the resources and information, available from EAPO. For immediate 24/7 assistance, provided by trained counsellors in over 200 languages, please call the Seniors Safety Line at 1-866-299-1011.