Victims and Survivors of Crime Week is an annual outreach initiative, through the Department of Justice Canada, aimed at empowering victims and survivors. In addition, Victims of Crime Week seeks to highlight the services, programs, and laws in place to help victims and survivors. Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) would like to formally acknowledge the hard work of Elder Abuse Networks across Ontario. Join us from November 14 to 20 as we recognize this important week.

The Power of Collaboration

The theme for the 2021 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, is the Power of Collaboration. Through collaboration, the criminal justice system and various sectoral service providers can provide greater assistance to victims. This theme explores the need for more cross-sectoral collaborations, partnerships, and multi-disciplinary responses.

Collaboration and additional supports for volunteers working with senior populations are a priority. Moreover, there is an overwhelming need for increased collaboration among all service providers, to tackle this crime more effectively. Through collaboration, service providers can better direct victims to the appropriate resources within their local communities.

Elderly victims must be to be treated with dignity when helping them access available resources and supports.

Recognizing Dedicated Individuals

Acknowledging those inspiring individuals, who have made a difference for those living at risk of abuse is important. That is why EAPO is proud to host the second annual Recognition Award for Leadership in Elder Abuse Prevention on November 18.

While preventing elder abuse is everyone’s responsibility, EAPO would like to recognize the following individuals for their outstanding contributions and work:

  • Susan Steels, Prevention of Elder Abuse Committee of York Region 
  • Tammy Brydon, Haliburton Kawartha Lakes Elder Abuse Prevention Network
  • Jennifer McDonnell, Durham Elder Abuse Network
  • Joanne Christian, Elder Abuse London Middlesex
  • Jane Rowan, North York Elder Abuse Network 
  • Susan Douglas, Prevention of Senior Abuse Network Simcoe County
  • Myrna Adams, Brampton Senior Citizens Council

Know the Facts About Elderly Victims

Older adults often describe feeling powerless as victims because many forms of elder abuse are difficult to recognize. As a result, victims of elder abuse crimes are severely underrepresented in mainstream society. EAPO hopes to raise awareness and dispel the myths about elder abuse crimes. Above all, we continue to collaborate with community partners to support victims, survivors, and their families.

Learning about the difficulties that older adults face as victims is the first step towards preventing these crimes. If you are interested in learning more about elder abuse, please visit the EAPO website or get in contact with us.