On November 30, 2021, Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) joins over 4,800 Canadian organizations across Canada to rally around causes that resonate with us individually. We are asking for your help to positively affect the lives of thousands of vulnerable older adults who are at-risk or suffering from abuse in Ontario!

Your contribution to this movement will make the difference in the lives of older adults.

You Can Make a Difference on Giving Tuesday!

Over 200,000 vulnerable seniors are at risk of experiencing abuse in Ontario alone. However, you can help change their lives.

At EAPO, we know that this is an often hidden crime. With the impacts of the global pandemic, many remain socially isolated, and the mistreatment and abuse continue behind closed doors. In fact, elder abuse has risen by 250% this year. But that can change with your help.

Through your generosity, you will be supporting EAPO’s mandate to raise public awareness and empower seniors with information and prevention strategies. We work to safeguard their physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

EAPO works collaboratively with many senior serving agencies and partners to build strong community support. Including over 30 volunteer local elder abuse prevention networks. Each one believes in stopping elder abuse and restoring respect because all seniors deserve to live free from abuse and harm.

Together, we can make a difference so that all seniors in Ontario can live free from abuse and harm, have a strong voice, and feel safe and respected.

Whether you donate $5, $500, or 5 minutes of your time, we appreciate any support. Your gift will help us improve the quality of life of so many seniors in Ontario!


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