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The Power of Collaboration
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Future Us: A Roadmap to Elder Abuse Prevention – A Pan-Canadian Engagement Strategy for Anyone and Everyone

Project Timeline: Released March 24th, 2022 Overview Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario is proud to be...

The Future You

This short animated video that addresses ageist attitudes and behaviours toward older adults and its...

It’s Not Right Neighbours Friends and Families for Older Adults (INR-NFF)

Project Timeline: On-going Overview  In 2009, CREVAWC was asked by the Public Health Agency of Canada to…

Initiating a Dialogue on Dementia and Elder Abuse Project (IDDEA)

Project Timeline: March 2021- March 2022 Overview The overarching goal of the project, Initiating a...

The Power of Collaboration

Project Timeline:  November 14 - 20, 2021 Overview Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) is pleased...

Bullying Between Older Adults: What is happening in Ontario?

Project Timeline:  Completed Overview People of all ages can be bullied. The Senior Bullying Project...

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