Increasingly AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used across all industries, yet it is also a means for fraudsters and scammers to commit financial crimes and abuse, targeting seniors.

Guest speakers from the Ontario Provincial Police, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and the Ontario Security Commission, shared fraud trends and stats as well as resources that explained how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in financial services and in frauds as well as shared tips on protecting yourself cyber frauds and scams.

Each year, many Ontarians become victims of scams and fraud. Learn to recognize and report fraud in order to protect yourself and others.


Jeff Horncastle, Acting Client and Communications Outreach Officer, Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Detective Constable John Armit, Ontario Provincial Police

Chris Allum, Senior Advisor, Investor Engagement and Stakeholder Partnerships in the Investor Office Ontario Securities Commission

Resources from Webinar

Free, unbiased financial tools, videos and more. Brought to you by the Ontario Securities Commission

Get Smarter About Crypto – Ontario Security Commission
Learn more about all things Crypto.

Crypto Frauds

Check before you invest

 Warning  Signs of Fraud

AI voice cloning scams

Scam Spotter Tool


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre


Canadian Secutites Association
This site is designed to give investors insight into how regulation and registration help individuals to avoid investment scams and fraud and to help them choose an investment professional they can trust. Explore this section to find resources on how to check registrationavoid fraud, and connect with your local securities regulator.

Get Cyber Safe
A national public awareness campaign created to inform Canadians about cyber security and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves online.

Your online accounts hold a lot of personal data. Make sure that information stays safe with account security tips from Get Cyber Safe.

How to Report Fraud

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
If you suspect or are experiencing a fraud/scam, report it.
Phone: 1-888-495-8501
Answer calls Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4:45 pm (Eastern time) and closed on holidays.

Competition Bureau
Phone: 1 800 348-5358
Email: [email protected]


Credit Checks

Equifax and TransUnion
Request from each agency a copy of your credit report and then review it carefully to see if a scammer opened any accounts or incurred debt in your name. Also ask to put an alert on your credit report in case future scam attempts are made under your name.

Equifax : 1-800-465-7166 or

TransUnion : 1-800-663-9980 or


CAFC  Toolbox
Investment Scams: What’s in a fraudster’s toolbox? 2023-03-07
Stratagèmes d’investissement : Qu’ont les fraudeurs dans leurs boîtes à outils? 2023-03-07


CAFC Bulletins
The public, organizations and businesses can sign up for bulletins, trends and media release from the CAFC. Simply send an email to get added on the list![email protected]

EAPO Fact Sheets

Safe and Sound: Protect yourself from frauds and scams
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Safe & Sound : Guarding your Financial Security
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Safe and Sound: A tool to Guard your Financial Security
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Protecting Each Other From Scams