EAPO in collaboration with Ontario Ministry of Finance hosted a webinar focused on “Ontario’s newest tax credits“.  Speaker Jeremy Bertrand, Senior Program Advisory Specialist with the Ministry of Finance provided an excellent overview on Ontario’s newest tax credits – the Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit, Jobs Training Tax Credit, Staycation Tax Credit and Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit  as well as Ontario’s other tax credits and benefits.


Jeremy Bertrand:  Senior Program Advisory Specialist, Ministry of Finance

NOTE:  This webinar was NOT RECORDED as the request of the speaker.

Resources from Webinar

Ontario Ministry of Finance – Fact Sheets on Tax Credits

PIT Tips and Resources Sheet 2023
Ontario Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit


Ontario Ministry of Finance – Website Links

Ontario Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit

Tax credits and benefits for people

Ontario Seniors Care at Home Tax Credit 

Seniors Home Safety-Tax Credit

Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit 2022

ontario seniors public transit tax credit

Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant 2022


Low-Income Workers Tax Credit LIFT 2022 11

Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System payments for seniors GAINS 2023


CRA Resources

Disability-Related Information 2022

CRA Medical Expense Guide:


Details of medical expenses

Attendant care and care in a facility

Disability tax credit (DTC) 


Home Accessibility Tax Credit (HATC)

Multigenerational Home Renovation Tax Credit


ontario trillium benefit

ontario tax reduction 

Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System payments for seniors



EAPO’s Resources

 Provincial Directory Elder Abuse Support and Response Service Organizations

 Help and Support for Older Adults Facing Abuse

Starting the Conversation HOW TO ASK ABOUT ABUSE

Ministry of Finance information sessions

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Sessions are held throughout the year and typically last an hour.

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