Bullying At Any Age is Not Okay!

Bullying affects people at all ages. Older people can experience bullying in senior residences, assisted living facilities, and senior centres, among other places.

For Pink Shirt Day, CNPEA and EAPO co-hosted a webinar to highlight the results of the Senior Bullying Project, led by the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research in partnership with EAPO, and provide an overview of Solutions: Everybody’s Business Senior to Senior Anti-Bullying Toolkit. This toolkit provides best-practices and strategies for older adults, front-line staff, and agencies to use to prevent and respond to bullying behaviours between older adults.

Phase 2 of the Project was discussed to explore next steps for evaluating the implementation of the Toolkit across Ontario and its adaptions to become accessible.


The following resources and materials are available to download:


Solutions: Everybody’s Business Senior to Senior Anti-Bullying Toolkit 

Older Adults and Bullying Infographic