June is Pride Month – Support Rainbow Seniors!

3 Things for Service Providers to Know

This infographic shares three concrete actions that service providers can take to support Rainbow Seniors who are part of the 2SLGBTQI+ community.

This infographic was made in partnership with leZlie lee kam. Learn more about leZlie’s work to promote support of Rainbow Seniors: www.lezlieoutofthecloset.com




1. Acknowledge Our Existence

Rainbow Seniors are often made to feel invisible. Include us in your programming, events, focus groups, and Board of Directors. We are already using your services and you can better support us in doing so. For example, create a gender sexuality alliance for Rainbow Seniors.

2. Use Inclusive Language

People relate to language/words differently over time. The word “queer” has been reclaimed by younger 2SLGBTQI+ folX, although it was previously used to shame and humiliate us. Many Rainbow Seniors find it difficult to be addressed as “queer.” Please use language/words that are agreeable to Rainbow Seniors.

3. Ask Us – Don’t Assume

Rainbow Seniors identify in many different ways and live with a variety of challenges and barriers including racism, ableism, classism, religious discrimination, and immigration status. We face many forms of oppression based on our “lived experiences.” For example – “coming out” is not always part of our cultures.

Find more tips in this video by leZlie lee kam:

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