Over the past number of years, Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) has been the successful recipient of funding, administered by the Department of Justice Canada, to raise awareness of the annual Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, through various educational forums and initiatives. 

Without exception, EAPO has been instrumental in promoting the importance and value of The Power of Collaboration (a recurring and powerful theme for the annual series of events), when supporting individuals and communities impacted by crime. 

EAPO, an Ontario based organization, is mandate is to support the implementation of the provincial Strategy to Combat Elder Abuse – an often ‘hidden crime’, that continues to negatively impact older adults at-risk or experiencing abuse. It also carries wider consequences to the already stressed public safety and health sectors, serving Ontario. 

Preventing elder abuse is a shared responsibility and continues to inform EAPOs outreach and collaborative engagement with numerous stakeholders, to ensure that human rights of older adults are protected and that they can feel safe and respected.  

Protecting those rights comes in many forms as we work with community partners, that within their own mandates, are addressing the many facets and lack of basic necessities of life, that might otherwise render, reduced vulnerabilities to abuse and harm: safe, affordable housing/shelter, access to healthcare services and other supportive programs, including access to proper nutrition.

In past years, EAPO has sought nominations from our volunteer Elder Abuse Networks to offer well-deserved recognition for the unrelenting dedication and contributions of volunteers in the realm of preventing elder abuse, applauding their significant impacts across the Ontario.

This year, EAPO wishes to recognize the ‘unsung heroes’ in communities, to shine a light on those selfless contributions Ontario citizens make to help support older adults.Their efforts are often unrecognized and not given their due, but given the very difficult few years Canadians have experienced, EAPO wants to recognize those special community members, neighbours and fellow citizens, who work tirelessly to help Ontarians in need.

We want to say THANK YOU and share one story, among many, of someone making a difference in the Sarnia-Lambton region. To say that what is being done, truly matters!

Meet this year’s recipient of the 2023 Community Recognition Award- KEVIN ALLEN. for his outstanding community service. Nominated by the Sarnia-Lambton Elder Abuse Awareness Network.

Kevin is a volunteer Executive Director, of Sarnia Blessings, a local meal program which began March 2020. This program supports seniors and others in the community by providing wholesome, homemade meals which are prepared and delivered to those in need.




Kevin, along with his wife Jan are supported by a group of volunteers, who cook, pack and deliver thousands of meals to seniors and vulnerable community members. 

This organization is 100% volunteer run! 

I’m honored to be nominated but remain humble in my efforts as I am just one of many volunteers that donate precious time & energy to what we do for our community” says Kevin. 

We invite you to learn more about Kevin’s efforts at Sarnia Blessings by checking them out on Facebook:  Sarnia Blessings | Sarnia ON | Facebook

THANK YOU KEVIN, JAN and all the volunteers at SARNIA BLESSINGS!

If you know someone in your community who is helping to keep seniors safe and well, please let us know and we would be delighted to share THEIR story in our upcoming newsletters.