The webinar featured Dr. Mireille Norris, Dr. Jenny Yu Qing Huang and Dr. DenBow-Burke who shared their insights on the experiences black older adults and racialized older persons encounter in health care, barriers faced in accessing supports due to systemic racism and inadequate services, what systems need to change, and the conversations and actions that should take place to advocate toward healthy, safer communities.

This session informed older adults and service providers in health and social services about community outreach and educational programs that promote social connection (@Seniorsessions) and address loneliness.

We can all be leaders in social and health changes to ensure equity in access to services and support to promote health and dignity for Black older adults in our communities.



Dr. Mireille Norris, MD, MHsc, FRCPC
Internist/Geriatrician, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Physician Lead for Quality Improvement and post-grad education for the Division of Geriatrics at Sunnybrook

Dr. Orrisha Denbow-Burke
MD, MPH-Gerontology

Dr. Jenny Yu Qing Huang MD, PhD (c), FRCPC
Internist/Geriatrician and Clinical Associate, St-Michael’s Hospital



Resources from Webinar

Test Your Implicit Bias – Implicit Association Test (IAT)

Social Prescription Resource Sheet

Cultural Congruency Model

Colour of Violence: Race, Gender & Anti-Violence Services


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