Presenter, Helen Button, J.D., highlighted the process of appointing a Power of Attorney or Personal Care and Property and the legal obligations and roles individuals have when acting as an attorney.  An overview was provided on tlegal guardianship, including when it may be necessary for the appointment of a guardian, the application process, duties to fulfill as well as the complexity of issues that may arise. The webinar also outlined practical tips and approaches to ensure the best interest of the older adult are fulfilled when acting as a Power of Attorney.


Presentation Materials

Fulfilling Older Adult’s Best Wishes : The Roles and Obligations of a Power of Attorney

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Publications Ontario has many supportive Documents on Powers of Attorney that are available to download.

Becoming a Guardian of Property- Publications Ontario

Powers of Attorney Q&As – Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee

Duties and Powers of a Guardian of Property

The Government of Ontario – The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee provides information and resources on Powers of Attorney and Guardianship. View more:

Make a power of attorney

Different types of guardianship for mentally incapable adults,some%20areas%20of%20personal%20care.

List of capacity assessors
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If you suspect that a person may be incapable and at risk of harm, abuse or neglect, call the OPGT’s Investigations line at 416-327-6348.