November 2nd, 2023

EAPO Annual Virtual Conference Series, 2023

Ethical and Legal Responsibilities: Reporting Elder Abuse

Session: Ethical dilemmas and moral challenges of choosing to report elder abuse & Closing Remarks

WHO recognizes elder abuse as an important public health problem. While it is widely recognized as a violation of human rights and freedoms, there is a lack of clarity regarding when to report. This session explored the ambiguity in reporting, and the ethical challenges associated with elder abuse and reporting, in hospital and community settings. Participants were introduced to ethical principles associated with reporting elder abuse. Through case review and discussion, an ethical decision making tool was introduced and applied. The session explore the benefits of values-based mediation in working with the older adult and their support system, when appropriate She also offered an upstream approach to working towards mitigating instances of elder abuse through the development of Aging Plans.



Rosanna (Rosie) Macri, Intergenerational Mediator & Practicing Healthcare Ethicist, Compassionate Consultant

Rosanna Macri has over a decade of experience as a practicing healthcare ethicist and has been in healthcare since 2003. Throughout that time, she has mediated countless values-based conflicts amongst patients, clients, residents, families, and healthcare professionals, keeping the clients’ values at the centre of care. Over the years, Rosie has developed a passion for helping older adults maintain personhood and autonomy throughout the aging process. Through her experience, Rosie offers families the hope of resolving challenging situations in a way that both nurtures and maintains relationships.

Rosie completed a Master of Health Science in Bioethics from the University of Toronto, Joint Centre for Bioethics (JCB) and an academic fellowship in Clinical and Organizational Ethics with the JCB and was a senior ethics fellow at Toronto East General Hospital. Rosie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Radiation Sciences and prior to becoming a practicing healthcare ethicist, worked as a Medical Radiation Therapist nationally and internationally. She has an Advanced Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation through the University of Waterloo, holds a Qualified Mediator designation with the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, and is an Accredited Intergenerational Mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and co-chairs the Elder Mediation Special Interest Section for the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario. In 2022, Rosie received the Canadian Health Executive designation from the Canadian College of Health Leaders and a Masters Certificate in Health Leadership Development from the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University.

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