November 2nd, 2023

EAPO Annual Virtual Conference Series, 2023

Ethical and Legal Responsibilities: Reporting Elder Abuse

Session: Reporting Financial Exploitation to Banks

This presentation provided a better understanding of the process of reporting financial exploitation to banks and the role banks (TD) play in responding and investigating these cases and an overview of the information/ documentation required to report a fraud (statements, Power of Attorney) and the steps taken by investigators and collaboration with community partners (ie police) to protect an individual’s financial assets.



France Lauzon, CFCI, BCPIF Senior Investigator, Global Security & Investigations (GSI), Eastern Canada Enterprise Protect, TD Bank Group

Jeff has worked in the Fraud Prevention and Intake Unit (FPIU) at the  Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre  for the past 6 years and has been acting in the Client and Communications Outreach Officer position for 2 years where he coordinates fraud prevention initiatives and messaging.

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