Global Intergenerational Week, April 24 -30, 2024

Together, let’s celebrate the power of connection. Relationships between older and younger people are not just ‘nice’ but essential. Join us for #GIW24!

Join us for Global Intergenerational Week from 24th to 30th April, 2024! This annual worldwide campaign encourages everyone to embrace intergenerational practice and relationships. Whether you’re an individual, part of a group, organisation, government, or NGO, Global Intergenerational Week has something for everyone.

During this week, we celebrate the power of intergenerational relationships. The campaign seeks to highlight the amazing outcomes that are achieved, when people of all ages come together to form vital and lasting connections. We want to hear about your experiences and ideas, whether it’s a local project or a global initiative, that bring different age groups together in meaningful ways.

Let’s share and discuss creative and effective ways to connect generations, and help make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of age.

Online Event Schedule

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Registering your support for the campaign is the best way to stay up-to-date with all things GIW. By registering today, you will receive access to all campaign resources for 2024 including posters, social media assets and our Supporter’s Pack, and will be first to hear about upcoming events and activities.

Daily Themes 2024:

Each day of Global Intergenerational Week takes on a different theme. 2024’s themes are as folllows:

Day 1 (24/04) : Let’s Raise Intergenerational Awareness

Day 2 (25/04): Let’s Build Intergenerational Partnerships

Day 3 (26/04): Let’s Combat Loneliness and Social Isolation

Day 4 (27/04): Let’s Celebrate Intergenerational Spaces and Communities

Day 5 (28/04): Let’s Break Down Age Barriers

Day 6 (29/04): EU day – Solidarity between Generations

Day 7 (30/04): Let’s Build Intergenerational Workplaces

Details of how to get involved…

If you are interested in taking part in the 2024 campaign you can now register as a supporter. If you have any questions about the campaign, email our campaign lead and Policy Officer, Ruairidh Smith.

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