March 22nd, 2023

EAPO Annual Virtual Conference Series, 2023
Elder Abuse Interventions: Reducing Harm & Building Connections


Session: Protecting Older Adults Rights – Legal Interventions and Supports for Older Adults

Are you aware of your legal rights if someone harms you, exploits or mismanages your financial assets while acting as your attorney for property?

Accessing and navigating legal support and services can often be challenging for both older persons and service providers assisting seniors as they are unaware of the resources available, how and where to access them and the form of legal support provided.  Depending on the elder abuse situation, legal intervention can involve both civil and/or criminal remedies, each having their own navigation pathway.

An expert panel of lawyers and directors from community based legal clinics that support and specialize in providing legal support to low income older adults,, including South Asian older adults.  The panel members will outline their roles, province wide mandates and intake/triage process for responding to inquiries from seniors, families and agencies, as well as their outreach in collaborating with agency partners and community education on legal issues.

Through in-depth discussions, the experts will  differentiate their services and programs offered, highlighting priority legal issues such as powers of attorney,  gender-based violence, immigration issues, tenancy, consumer fraud, and abuse in care homes.

Participants will learn about their legal support and advocacy programs including, dismantling systemic racism, recovering assets, providing summary legal advice,  protections related to consumer fraud, as well as engagement in legal  representation in litigation cases in court on behalf of older adult clients to seek justice.

Please note: There is NO recording of this session!



Laura Tamblyn Watts, CEO, CanAge: Canada’s National Seniors’ Advocacy Organization


Graham Webb
Executive Director, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE)

Shalini Konanur
Executive Director, Executive Director & Senior Lawyer, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario (SALCO)

Yonit Fuhrmann
Deputy Director, Pro Bono Ontario

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