Peers are people who have similar lived experience and who have a willingness to listen and provide support…people who have “walked a mile in the shoes of another”.

 This  webinar provided an understanding of what is peer support, the significant benefits of peer support, including reducing isolation, sharing best-practices for care, the creation of friendships and supports that come with friendships, creation of safe-spaces that allow for unburdening of the mind and soul, and how a “peer support group” can be formed in your community.


Jason Balgopal, Assistant Crown Attorney

Email: [email protected]  or   [email protected]

All views expressed in this webinar are Jason’s and not the Ministry of the Attorney General (which has kindly allowed Jason to present at this session).

Resources from Webinar

Learn more about Jason, his career, volunteer activities, recognitions on his website.  The webpage, also include information the Mental Wellness Peer-to-Peer Support Groups started in 2015 by Jason to address a need in the east end of Toronto for a support group for those confronting mental health challenges.

Access more information about the wellness group. The Mental Wellness Peer-to-peer support group is a gathering of like-minded people, who come together in a safe, caring environment to share stories about how their lives are affected by their mental wellness challenge and to share what has worked for them in improving their lives. Each group is facilitated by a peer – that is, someone who has been affected by a mental wellness challenge, just like YOU!
Find a Mental Wellness group near you by selecting Locate a Mental Wellness Group
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Meetup can help find events and groups. For 20 years, people have turned to Meetup to meet people, make friends, find support, grow a business, and explore their interests. Information on the Mental Wellness Groups are posted here.