In recognition of Financial Literacy Month, EAPO collaborated with Credit Canada, Canada’s first and longest-standing credit counselling agency, to host this webinar for seniors or those planning for their future retirement.

The presentation covered the following areas:

  • Managing your money in the retirement years – If and when, is it a good idea to take pensions after your 65
  • Dealing with debt in retirement – One-third of retirees have some form of debt, learn how to manage debt
  • Preparing for the unexpected in retirement
  • Financial abuse – How older adults are taken advantage of financially and what you can do to prevent it



Richard Haggins, Senior Education Facilitator, Credit Canada

Email: [email protected]



Resources from Webinar

Credit Canada

Financial Readiness Kit
No one knows what the future holds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for whatever life throws your way. The Canadian Bankers Association and Credit Canada put together a free financial readiness kit to help you weather any storm by focusing on the “Priority Pyramid” — a framework for addressing priorities for each area of your financial wellness. This kit includes tips, resources, and insights related to:

  • Managing cash flow
  • Addressing debt
  • Maximizing savings
  • Preparing your taxes
  • Optimizing investments

Whether you’re feeling the effects of inflation or simply want to be prepared for a rainy day, this financial readiness kit has you covered.
Download Now


Canadian Bankers Association

Powers of Attorney: What Consumers Need to Know

ABC Internet Matters Program
Helping older adults build confidence when accessing the Internet and provides introductory digital literacy education including how to spot and avoid online scams.

Commitment on Powers of Attorney and Joint Deposit Accounts (2014)
Banks that accept Powers of Attorney from or open joint deposit accounts for clients agree to provide clients with certain information to help clients understand the implications of using them.

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario

Preventing and Addressing Financial Abuse
EAPO brochure provides an overview of financial abuse, type of abuse, including power of attorney, tactics used to take advantage of older adults, list of supports/resources for help and reporting. Download Brochure in:

Elder Abuse and Knowing Your Legal Rights 
This booklet contains legal information, presented in plain language, about some of the tools available to deal with situations of elder abuse. This booklet is for educational purposes only, and is not to be construed as legal advice.
• Revoking a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
• Reporting Elder Abuse to the Police
• Guardianship Investigations
• Statutory Guardianships
• Court-Appointed Guardianships
• Representatives Appointed by the Consent and Capacity Board
• Civil Actions for the Recovery of Property
• Important Provincial Resources



Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:  
Report Fraud: Toll free: 1-888-495-8501

Canadian Bankers Association:

Credit Canada:

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario