March is Fraud Prevention Month, a month of activities and events that aims to help Canadians recognize, reject and report fraud.  Did you know that the fight against fraud starts with you? The old saying is true: knowledge is power. Avoiding fraud is all about knowing how to recognize the signs, reject the claims that seem too good to be true and reporting them to the authorities.  Seniors and vulnerable adults are frequently the targets of scams. Fraudsters continue to target Canadians, stealing their hard-earned money and leaving them devastated.

The latest data shows Canadians lost approximately $97 million to fraud.

Tips to Protect Yourself Against Fraud

  • Never give out your personal, confidential information over the phone
  • Protect your banking information, never reveal your PIN or passwords to anyone
  • Never pay money to claim your money or a prize, there should be no processing fee
  • Keep your personal information safe, an identity thief will go through garbage and recycling bins
  • Be skeptical, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is

Help keep yourself and other vulnerable adults safe by sharing information about scams with them.  At times, vulnerable adults can feel confused or pressured, you must be informed that it’s okay to hang up the phone or delete an email.  Fraud prevention is a responsibility we all share.

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