This webinar provided the results from the Seniors Bullying in Ontario Survey, formal feedback from stakeholders, and existing best practices, a Seniors’ Anti-bullying Toolkit was created.

This toolkit is modular, and includes strategies and activities to prevent and address bullying behaviours and create a positive environment. Currently, this Toolkit is being  implemented in seniors’ residences. Together with the residents and staff at these sites, many lessons are being learned.

This webinar presented on the strategies being implemented from the Seniors’ Anti-bullying Toolkit , and discussed how they are being modified and built upon to reduce bullying behaviours.


Kirsten Madsen, PhD. Professor, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Sheridan College

Dorothy Rodrigues, RSW, Community Development Practitioner, Project Facilitator of Seniors’ Anti-bullying Project

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Senior’s Anti-Bullying Project Older Adult Residence Participant Request

The Seniors Anti-bullying Project is looking for an older adult community retirement or independent living residence participant in the Toronto, Brampton, or Mississauga area.

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Dr. Kirsten Madsen, Principal Investigator at [email protected]

Liza Franses, Project Manager at [email protected] or 647-268-5284