Kathy Matusiak Costa, Executive Director of Compassionate Community Care (CCC)  shared their ‘Being with My Story Visitors Program’, an exciting visiting training opportunity that aims to help and care for those you love and need support in the community. She shared effective ways to reduce social isolation and loneliness and how to improve quality of life and well-being for seniors.

The session reviewed their ‘Community Advocacy Training’ on how to be an effective community advocate and approaches to empower individuals to empower others. Resources and materials available to promote compassionate community growth and support in your community were discussed.

The session highligthed how to :

  • Recognize issues vulnerable people may experience and support them in getting the help they may need to live fuller lives.
  • Be an effective advocate for vulnerable seniors, as well as people with illness or disabilities.
  • Work with CCC to provide visits and support to those in their area.


Presenter: Kathy Matusiak Costa, Executive Director of Compassionate Community Care

Resources from Webinar

Honouring Our Seniors: A Survey of Canadians Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic
Full Report: Download
Summary Report: Download

Honouring our Seniors Infographic

Compassionate Community Care : Being with Volunteer Visitor Training


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