March 22nd, 2023

EAPO Annual Virtual Conference Series, 2023
Elder Abuse Interventions: Reducing Harm & Building Connections


Session: Effective Abuse Intervention Models: Meaningful Outcomes from Different Perspectives

Community based intervention models directed to supporting seniors at risk or experiencing abuse are different depending on the agency and region of services. Interventions often include risk assessment, safety planning, case management, connection and navigation to other social, health and justice services, housing support and counselling.

Through an eco-system lens and perspective of each panel member, you will gain insight into the similarities and differences of intervention approaches and key elements that underpin their program’s success in responding to elder abuse. The panel will discuss the importance of intersectoral collaborations with senior services, including formal geriatric services, mental health, hospitals, safe beds, and police services as well as informal senior programs and how they work with their team to offer front line support to older persons and their families in the community.

With each member having diverse roles and capacity – crisis response, social worker, consultant, senior at risk coordinator – they will provide insights into how they assess risk, conduct case management and sustain their programs with core funding. They will also share the challenges and barriers that not only hinder older adults’ access to assistance, such as culturally and trauma-informed support and resources, but also systematic complexities in providing services.


Katherine Studiman
Community Addiction and Mental Health Services, Haldimand Norfolk

Samantha Kim
MSW, RSW, Vulnerable Seniors Lead (she/her), CMHA Waterloo Wellington

Brad Spooner
Program Manager, Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre

Joanne Riley
Registered Social Worker, Senior Support Team Consultant, Home and Community Care Support Services, Senior Support Team, Waterloo Wellington



Shared Resources and Links

Elder Abuse Response and Referral Service (EARRS)


Waterloo Wellington Neighbours: Connecting Older Adults to Community Supports

Senior Support Team, Waterloo Regional Police Service

Tel: 519-579-4607
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Waterloo Regional Police Service


Norfolk and Haldimand Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team